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You’ve come to the right place! These simple action steps will help you take control of your retirement and investments. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

This site may not be fully functional, but we are. Let us know how you’d like to proceed and we’ll help you take control of your retirement.


1. Complete our questionnaire.

Name, email, phone, best time to call, location, interest, experience level, type of IRA, your comments and/or questions.

When you complete our simple questionnaire, we can more quickly assist you and determine your specific needs.

2. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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3. Take control of your retirement accounts.

See if you qualify for a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA). Complete our SDIRA Qualification form, or download this PDF version, print, complete, scan and email it back to us at the address indicated on the form. We’ll help you assess your qualifications and determine your next steps.

Learn more about Self-Directed IRAs.

4. Learn how to find, assess and deploy high yield, fixed return investments.

Take our comprehensive training currently being offered in Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

5. Ready to invest? Join our Capital Investor Network.

Gain access to our reviewed Investment List (see below) and Recommended Vendor List.

6. Need Funding? Submit your investment for review.

Complete our investment review process, and you may qualify for inclusion in our Investment List for our Capital Investor Network.

7. Share our Take Control of Your Retirement brochure.

Know anyone who’s retirement account is likely dwindling? (coming soon!)

8. Share our Need Funding? brochure.

Know anyone who is looking for funding for their project or business? (coming soon!)

9. Share our Let Your Funds Raise Funds brochure.

Know any charities who raise funds? (coming soon!)

10. Contact us with any questions you have.

Let us know how we can best help you take control of your retirement. Contact us today!

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