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Welcome to The Advancement Group! Allow me to give you an overview of our site and share with you what The Advancement Group, LLC offers.

Will there be enough when you need it?Our goal, at The Advancement Group, is to help you take control of your retirement, so that you have the necessary retirement funds to maintain the standard of living you have now, for the duration of your life.

We want to give you the option to retire when you want. Many individuals today find themselves short on funds in their “golden” years. Even with what was thought to be a great retirement plan, many individuals are needing to make up the difference when they thought they’d be taking it easy.

The economic downturn of recent years has made it necessary to take a closer look at the hard questions: Is your retirement fund dwindling? Will there be enough when you’re ready to retire?

Take control of your retirement! Self-Direct your IRA!Perhaps it’s time to take control of your retirement and invest in what you know. With a Self-Directed IRA, you direct the investment of your retirement funds. For some, this may seem a daunting endeavor, but here at The Advancement Group, we help you learn how to find, assess and fund real estate secured investments using the funds you have available in your current retirement account(s).

We will help you move your traditional IRA to a non-traditional Custodian who allows Self-Directed IRAs, so that you have greater control over your own money. With a Self-Directed IRA, you determine if an investment is worthy. Learn more about the many alternative investment choices available, and what you can and cannot do with a Self-Directed IRA.

Join our Capital Investor Network!At The Advancement Group, we’re all about educating you to the level you feel confident in directing your own investments. Join our Capital Investor Network and take control of your retirement!

In addition to educating investors, we also review potential investment opportunities offered by those seeking funding and provide a list of these opportunities for our Capital Investor Network.

The Advancement Group was established to assist in the facilitation of secured investment strategies that ensure a higher return on investment for its clients. The Advancement Group has been creating successful high yield returns consistently for over two decades. Isn’t it time you did too?

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