Self-Directed IRAs Satisfy Alternative Investors According to Reuters

Self-Directed IRA Satisfy Alternative InvestorsReuters – Money Report – Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:19pm EDT

Self-Directed IRAs Satisfy Alternative Investors
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Despite the surge in popularity of target-date funds, which put retirement investing on autopilot, some bold individuals are going to the other extreme. These aggressive investors are using a special kind of account, called a “Self-Directed” Individual Retirement Account (IRA), to add alternative — and sometimes off-beat — investments to their retirement portfolios.

There’s a long list of caveats, but basically, investors can use a Self-Directed account to do much more than a traditional IRA that invests in mutual funds or bonds. They can buy real estate, invest in businesses, hold gold or silver bullion or even lease a herd of cattle.

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